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As the perfect solution for your fastening needs, brass Knurled Nuts can be tightened by hand or secured within a substrate. Due to the advantage of brass, our nuts have many excellent properties, such as corrosion-resistance, highly conductivity and water resistance. 

What’s more, for people who want to purchase brass knurled nuts, we provide products in a variety of custom thread sizes, diameters and finishes. Purchase the convenience and reliability of our knurled nuts as soon as possible!

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SKUBRN07, BKN832, BKN632, BKN440, BKN1024, BKN1032, BKN1420, BKN51618, BKN3816,  01-16-02203
safonDIN 466 (without size M12), GB
Maint EdauM2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
Math EdauAcme, Machine, UNC, UNF
Gorffen wynebBrass Self color, Electroplating, Black oxide coating, Unfinished, Polishing, Anodizing,  Sand blasting, Heat-disposing, Decorative finish, Natural, Passivation,, Hot-dip galvanizing, Rust preventive oil
Hyd8mm ~ 25mm; 
diamedr9mm ~ 40mm; 

Key Features of Brass Knurled Nuts

Under professional processing, our brass knurled nuts are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can easily be removed or fastened by hand and well-prepared for frequent assembly and disassembly. 

Mae ein cnau pres knurled  are not only easy to operate, but also possess excellent durability and resistance to corrosion, water, staining,  rust, bacteria and tough environment. These features make them suitable for application in various  industrial conditions.

Key Features of Brass Knurled Nuts
Convenient Installation Everywhere

Convenient Installation Everywhere 

Our brass knurled nuts are designed to be conveniently installed everywhere. Brass knurled nuts have many key factors for convenient installation, such as hand-tightening, thread compatibility, self-locking capability and standardized dimensions. It is easy to install them in electronic devices and equipment, machinery, automotive applications,plumbing fixtures, valves, and furniture assembly.

HM Brass Knurled Nuts Offer Several Advantages

HM Brass Knurled Nuts Offer Several Advantages
HM Brass Knurled Nuts Offer Several Advantages
  1. gwydnwch: Brass knurled nuts are highly durable to corrosion, allowing them to be used in various environmental conditions. As a ductile material, brass can withstand deformation, which means brass knurled nuts can avoid cracking or fracturing under high-pressure situations. 
  2. Customization: Brass knurled nuts can offer  customized size, dimensions, colors, and finishes to meet clients’ requirements. The customization opens up a door of design possibilities.
  3. Cynnal a Chadw Hawdd: It is convenient for our clients to maintain Brass knurled nuts. Easy maintenance allows brass knurled nuts to look new and have a long life-span.

Ceisiadau eang

Ceisiadau eang
Ceisiadau eang

Brass knurled nuts have diverse applications across various industries. For instance, in the plumbing industry, they are used as replacement parts for faucet handles and valve assemblies, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment. Additionally, they find application in the electrical sector, where they are employed in switches and light fixtures to securely fasten components and facilitate easy installation and removal. Brass knurled nuts also play a role in automotive restoration, specifically in antique cars and motorcycles, where they are utilized to fasten decorative elements or components. In mechanical applications, such as latches, squares, and exact estimating instruments, these nuts provide a tactile grip for adjustment or fastening. They are also used in the assembly of electrical board covers and administration covers, providing easy access for maintenance purposes. Furthermore, brass knurled nuts find application in specialized environments like medical equipment or sterile settings, where their non-magnetic properties are advantageous. They are also employed in the assembly of electrical components and appliances, guaranteeing secure fixation and convenient assembly. In the realm of music, brass knurled nuts are utilized in musical instruments for various purposes, including component fastening and tension adjustment. Additionally, they serve as functional and decorative elements in cabinet knobs, providing a textured grip for easy opening and closing. Lastly, in commercial and industrial settings, brass knurled nuts are widely used for fastening components in machinery, equipment, and assemblies, contributing to their overall stability and reliability.

Why does a brass nut crack?

Brass knurled nuts usually crack due to stress corrosion or concentration. In addition, this kind of crack in nuts will accelerate because of improper manufacturing processes and poor mechanical properties. In order to protect brass nuts from cracking, it is important to follow correct installation methods, avoid excessive force during tightening, ensure a proper fit with mating components, and understand in advance the certain environmental conditions in which the nuts will be used.

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